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ELA Container builds a temporary canteen

  • ELA Container builds a temporary canteen

    At ELA Container, the usual process begins with customer specifications, followed by the plan and then implementation. “When we received the enquiry from the student assistance foundation Studentenwerk Göttingen about a temporary canteen made from mobile rooms, we not only prepared a quotation, but also a draft plan at the same time”, explains ELA Area Sales Manager Christiane Basler. In doing so, she and her colleague Kevin Koopmann, a project manager at ELA, won the major project for the room specialist from Haren.Get more news about Temporary Canteen,you can vist our website!

    “We found the draft extremely helpful when it came to considering other aspects”, says Carmen Heine, Head of Building Management at Studentenwerk Göttingen. She is in charge of planning a temporary canteen while the canteen on the north campus undergoes a comprehensive renovation and extension. “As ELA provided us with expert advice in the planning phase and pointed out potential alternatives, we ended up with an excellent room solution which was within our budget.”

    The customer was impressed by the 3-metre-wide ELA premium containers in particular. “With their extra width, the ELA premium modules offer potential savings in terms of rent, transport and assembly”, explains Koopmann. “This is a significant cost advantage when the usable area is to be 550 square metres.”


    “The top priority was to build a facility where students would still be happy to meet for their meals”, says Heine. “We were able to achieve this goal with ELA Container as everything ran smoothly and on schedule from planning to realisation.”

      July 27, 2022 9:34 PM MDT