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Bandsaw blade setting/sharpening machine SX80

  • Bandsaw blade setting/sharpening machine SX80

    The new M.V.M. band saw blade grinding machine is designed to sharpen band saw blades for wood, bimetallic band saw blades for metals, band saw blades with hard-metal teeth, and special band blades for plastics or food.Get more news about Band Saw Blade Grinder Machine,you can vist our website!


    The SX80 can also be used to sharpen variable pitch band saws.
    The SX 80 can reduce grinding times and delivers a high quality grind, lengthening the working life of band saw blades.
    Main features of the SX80 Band saw blade grinding machine:
    The AQC sharpening machine has been designed to sharpen blades with regular and skip teeth, as well as LS or VP (SB), depending on the cam wanted, which can easily be replaced.
    There are 5 different interchangeable feed speeds, depending on the type of teeth.
    The machine is equipped with an exhaust for the suction of the fumes and the emery dust produced during sharpening.
    All transmission parts are built-in, totally enclosed and protected from dust and flashes, submerged in an oil bath.
    The machine can be supplied both in right hand execution, as shown in the figure, and left hand execution.
    Robust cast-iron main machine housing;
    All gears housed in an oil bath (10 kg).
    Vibration-free band saw movement;
    Sensitive controls for high precision adjustment;
    Speed regulator;
    Cooling system;
    CBN grinding wheel.

      July 27, 2022 11:34 PM MDT