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Elastic Pin Coupling for pump connection

  • Elastic Pin Coupling for pump connection


    Elastic pin couplings, generally named elastic pin couplings, nylon bar pin couplings, the former is a few screw connections, the screw end of the screw is equipped with elastic washers. Get more news about Elastic Sleeve Pin Coupling Factory,you can vist our website!
    The latter is made of nylon rods, two half-section matching drill holes, inserted with nylon rods, covered with a baffle, a pin coupling, the pin coupling is simple. The half couplings are connected by N nylon rods. It can play a role in compensation.
    Pin-type couplings, commonly used models, elastic sleeve pin coupling (TL), elastic pin coupling (HL), elastic pin gear coupling (LZ).
    Basic parameters and main dimensions of ZL type elastic pin gear couplings. A pin made of several non-metallic materials is placed in the matching hole between the two coupling halves and the inner surface of the outer ring and transmitted through the pin. The torque realizes the coupling of the two coupling halves.
    LT type (formerly TL type) elastic sleeve pin coupling (GB4323-2002 instead of GB4323-1984) elastic sleeve pin coupling is a pin with one end sleeve with elastic sleeve (rubber material), installed in two halves In the flange hole of the shaft, the coupling of the two coupling halves is realized. The elastic sleeve pin coupling used to be the most widely used coupling in China. It was formulated as the mechanical standard in the late 1950s, and the JB08-60 elastic ring pin coupling is the first part of China. Standard coupling.
    HL type-elastic pin coupling has been listed as the national standard GB5014-85, which is suitable for various mechanical coupling shafts of two coaxial lines, usually used for frequent high and low speed movements. The working temperature is -20 ~ +80 ° C; the nominal torque is 40 ~ 20000 N.m. The elastic pin coupling has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, interchangeable two-sided symmetry, long service life, large axial turbulence, cushioning, shock absorption and wear resistance.

      July 27, 2022 11:50 PM MDT