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Browse Free 2D CAD Software

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  • Every year in the field of design automation, parametric three-dimensional CAD systems are increasingly strengthening their positions. The usefulness of this approach in engineering is now beyond doubt, and the scope of application of this approach is extensive.To get more news about 2d cad, you can visit shine news official website.

    Nevertheless, in engineering there is still room for traditional two-dimensional design, and there are corresponding tools for that.In the comments under the articles on the subject of CAD (for example, 1 , 2 ) on Habr there are mentions of who uses what, and sometimes the information is unexpected . And there is still an open question about affordable (and preferably free) CAD with the right of commercial use for small businessmen and craftsmen.
    First, they offer a classic approach to design, when everything is thought out by a person, and the program serves only to automate the graphic routine. This is customary as drawing with a pencil on a sheet of graph paper, because such CAD systems are easier to learn, especially for those who have studied descriptive geometry and engineering graphics.

    Secondly, it is convenient for engineers to work with the heritage of drawings accumulated over many years, and in projects for modernizing old products one has to rely on paper drawings from archives.

    In 2D CAD it is convenient to make sketches, theoretical constructions, carry out various schemes and floor plans, draw up design and technological documentation.In addition, in some cases, flat drawings are quite sufficient for the full realization of the plan: for example, for cutting sheet materials on a router or CNC laser cutter.

    Also, two-dimensional CAD systems are generally more affordable and have lower hardware requirements for computers.Additional functions become available to users of the professional version: new commands, a library of design elements and blocks of standard products for mechanics and architecture, comparison of drawings, batch printing, PDF substrates and an API for automation.

    The disadvantages include an unpleasant marketing move: in the free version UI, some elements remain visible (for example, Toolbox, QuickModify, BatchPrint), which work only in the paid professional version.

    In general, the program allows you to work with drawings with a sufficient level of comfort and can be considered a competitor to AutoCAD LT.

    To activate the free license you need internet.

    Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux. Best of all, DraftSight is implemented for Windows and remains up to date: updates and patches are released periodically. Versions for Linux and macOS are in beta.
      August 1, 2022 8:34 PM MDT