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I've been away from RS for around 3 years now

  • March 14, 2022
    Quest cape (you probably already have it but in case you don't it's a fun and interesting goal) and Top Chompy bird's head (personally I prefer the red version, however the yellow is only a couple more kills) Minigames Hybrid Gear 99 Construction so that I can create an amazing home (I am aware that this is technically training the skill, but my goal here is to Cheap OSRS Gold construct a cool home, not to just get 99). I think I have a few more, but I'm unable to recall them at the moment.

    I've been away from RS for around 3 years now, and am eager to return. I've read up on a lot of the new updates that were released since I've been gone, and am starting to figure things out, slightly.

    I realised Dual Wielding has been released, and I have some questions. Before, when I was playing with it, I was using an Abyssal Whip and A Dragon Defender. Given that Dual Wielding has now been released I was wondering what it would be like to use an offhand weapon instead for the Defender. This leads this to the second question I have.

    Which offhand weapon should choose if I want to use Dual Wielding? I had figured out this was because the Abyssal Whip offhand version I would not be able to attain at this point because I didn't have the required abilities. Therefore, I decided that either an Dragon Scimitar or a Dragon Dagger would be ideal but I could be entirely wrong.

    If I'm to choose between Dragon Dagger & Dragon Scimitar as an offhand weapon, how do I determine which one to pick? The reason I'm asking is because , having checked Runescape Wiki It states that Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold both the Dagger & Scimitar are equipped with exactly the same Damage (576) and accuracy (1132). So it it down to your preference of which you like the looks of or something else? I have noticed it was the Dagger is actually more affordable though, so I wondered why you would opt for the Dagger over the Scimitar. Scimitar.