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My idea is to get him in the first attack that is available

  • March 16, 2022
    My idea is to get him in the first attack that OSRS Gold is available - Or do I need to bring him across the water puddle to finish him off? No. You do not have to draw him in. That is a step that is often skipped. (You will need to have the bottle of holy water in your inventory)

    All you need is one dart. Equip it and attack him as fast as is possible. It will cut to the point where he explodes and then you will be reduced to 1 hitpoint. My mom just did it a couple of days ago, so I'm aware. I love the darts because they give people who have slower computers and/or slow connections

    It's a great chance to complete an unfinished quest is like this. I just wish there was something similar. In my attempt to build the firepit during the Summer's End. Vanstrom was a lot easier for me. I'm hearing about the fire pit. I had a look at my sister trying this and died more than 23 times and is forced to do it again - The clicking takes a while [you've experienced that frustration].

    I wish runescape would run like it did in 2008 , there was a good balance of games played one could master or take on combat, and there was a little delay in our commands to the character being executed.

    The lagex gang has added too much content and too fast for their servers to load the content and communicate in a way with the computers. When I was younger, I would play games on dial up and it was just a Pent II duo core 2 Gb CPU with only 2 gb of RAM - These days, games run with that basic technology and it's a joke. Today , I have an I7 processor that Buy RS Gold is 3.4gb and 8GB of RAM with a bus that's 4 times faster. and a dedicated graphics card that has an od gb of memory.