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The Advantages Of Pet Preforms Are Recognized

  • May 15, 2019
    In the domestic market, the advantages of [u]Pet Preforms[/u] are gradually recognized by people, especially the Pet material, which slowly infiltrates into the catering industry. The most popular pet bottles we pack are in beverages and beverage bottles and mineral water bottles, but in the mineral water industry. What we know best is the relatively large brands. We can often observe that only a few large mineral water brands in China are constantly researching and developing outer packaging, constantly analyzing consumer habits and aesthetics. .

    Nowadays, consumers are more eager for small containers, which are easy to carry. The weight of each pet container can be lighter. Many disposable containers in the industrial market and lightweight containers are constantly reducing raw materials.

    Not only domestically, in foreign countries, the use of pet bottles continues to grow. According to the data provided, pet bottles/cans account for 80% of all pet products. Today, pet bottles are innovative consumers, in each pet. The demand for packaging industry will continue to grow in the future; the export of foreign [u]Pet Preform Mould[/u] must be different in the consumer market, the environment is different, the concept is different, and to make a suitable outer packaging, you will get a better market.