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European escort directory for independent escorts

  • bitka titka
    December 30, 2022
    European escort directory for independent escorts, agencies and clubs.
    What is an escort?
    Escort services are a kind of business. The goal is to provide beautiful companions and companions to wealthy customers for various events or just a pleasant pastime.
    Escort services have been in demand since ancient times. So, in ancient Greece, hetaerae were referred to as escorts — beautiful and educated women who often became the arbiters of fate and were praised in the works of antiquity.
    Hetaerae were comprehensively developed ladies. They could support any conversation. Such seductresses have been taught since childhood, and not just to take care of themselves, but also manners, as well as sciences. Especially beautiful hetaera eventually occupied a high position in society.
    Also, the tradition of pleasing a man was founded by Japanese geishas and ganiks in ancient India. Since childhood, girls have been taught dancing, playing musical instruments, manners and the ability to maintain a conversation.
    In the West, escort services became in demand much later. This happened after the appearance of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", in which the main character accompanied wealthy men to various events, charming others with her beauty.
    European escort directory for independent escorts, agencies and clubs - escort euro girls
    Escort services in modern society.
    Currently, escort services have been brought to a new level. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, they have become accessible to many people. So, you can choose a worthy companion directly on the escort website without leaving home.
    Residents of a modern metropolis quite often use the described services. According to the rules of attending many social events, the invited person must appear together with a companion or companion. At the same time, the maintainer must have excellent external data and shine with intelligence.
    In addition, in the modern world, many wealthy people do not have time to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Also, many people just want to spend a pleasant evening in the company of an attractive man or a charming lady. And then escort services come to the rescue.