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Watches World - buy, sell or part-exchange a luxury watch

  • bitka titka
    Feb 3
    Watches World - buy, sell or part-exchange a luxury watch.
    Richard Mille is a unique watch in many ways. In terms of the quality of mechanisms and cost, they are on a par with the giants of the watch industry — Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillippe, Vacheron Constantin. At the same time, the brand occupies a separate niche, in fact, not competing with other manufacturers. This new niche was independently discovered and filled by the founder of the brand Richard Mill in 2001.
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    The brand's audience is young people up to 30-35 years old with a high level of income, leading an active lifestyle. Buyers do not keep Richard Mille watches in a safe, taking them out for special occasions, like classic expensive branded models from the high-end watchmaking segment. This watch should be worn without taking it off, without too much trepidation and accuracy. This is the philosophy of the brand: a simple and even careless attitude to expensive watches.
    In general, Richard Mille can be described as a very expensive, instantly recognizable, "unkillable" high-tech watch with a futuristic and ergonomic design. They are assembled from parts made at different manufactories and are produced in limited series. Thanks to this set of characteristics, the brand clearly stands out among other Swiss manufacturers.
    The first difference between Richard Mille and other brands is the price. The average cost of the watch is 150 thousand dollars. The price spread is small compared to other watch manufacturers: there are almost no models cheaper than 100 thousand dollars, the brand also has few exorbitant and inadequate quality prices. Despite the successful development and the opportunity to increase production and sales, Richard Mille is not going to reduce prices due to this opportunity.
    The Richard Mille watch has a recognizable and unique design. The main features that are repeated in each model: the shape of the tonneau, screws on the bezel, the absence of a dial and a futuristic three-dimensional design. The watch has a dynamic, spectacular, brutal design. Each model is admired by a complex, thin, beautiful and well-thought-out skeletonized design.
    The brand pays a lot of attention to ergonomics so that the watch can be worn for days without inconvenience. The large elongated body is slightly curved to fit snugly to the arm. All models use straps instead of bracelets — this makes the watch easier and more comfortable.
    Richard Mille watches are made of innovative, particularly durable materials, among which titanium takes the first place. Such models are very difficult to damage even on purpose. For the straps, a durable and wear—resistant material is also selected - natural rubber. Richard Mille is one of the most durable watches among Swiss brands.
    Richard Mille often collects watches from Swiss parts created at other manufactories. The brand does not make a secret of this and even emphasizes the advantages of this approach. Since the production is still young, it is reasonable not to create the most complex mechanisms from scratch, inevitably making mistakes, but to take the best from other, experienced and proven manufactories over the years. For example, Richard Mille works closely with Audemars Piguet, one of the best manufacturers of tourbillons and split chronographs.
    And another difference of the brand from others is limited production volumes. Large Swiss watch companies produce tens of thousands of watches a year. Richard Mille produces only 5-7 thousand models. And most are produced in limited editions — 10, 20, 30, 50 copies. There is a pre—order for some models - waiting lists are drawn up and a large queue is built.