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Small Elevators For Homes Speed ​​limiter And Safety Pliers

  • otsed talex
    May 28, 2019
    In normal-operated cars, there is very little chance of a fall
    accident, but this possibility cannot be completely ruled out. There are several
    possible reasons for this common:
    1. The traction wire rope is completely
    broken for various reasons;
    2. The teeth, shafts, keys and pins of the worm
    gear are broken;
    3. The traction friction rope groove is seriously worn,
    causing the equivalent friction coefficient to drop sharply, and the balance is
    out of balance, and the car is overloaded, the wire rope and the traction sheave
    4. The car is overloaded seriously, the balance is out of balance, and
    the brake is out of order;
    5. Due to some special reasons, such as the
    balance weight is lighter and the car's own weight is lighter, the pressure on
    the traction sheave of the wire rope is seriously reduced, resulting in
    imbalance of the car side or the counterweight side, causing the wire rope to
    slip on the traction sheave.
    As long as one of the above five reasons occurs,
    a serious accident in which the car (or counterweight) falls rapidly may
    Therefore, in accordance with relevant state regulations, whether it
    is passenger elevators, cargo Small Elevators
    For Homes
    , medical elevators, etc., the speed limiter and safety clamp
    system should be installed.
    In the elevator's safety protection system, the
    comprehensive safety guarantees provided are speed limiters, safety gears and
    buffers. When the elevator is in operation for any reason, the car is in danger
    of overspeeding or even falling, and all other safety protection devices are not
    functioning, then the speed limiter and the safety gear are used (the car is in
    operation) And the action of the damper stops the car without causing damage to
    passengers and equipment. Therefore, the speed limiter and the safety gear are
    protection devices for preventing the elevator from overspeeding and losing
    The speed limiter is a device for speed response and operation of
    the safety gear. When the car running speed reaches a limit value (generally
    more than 115% of the rated speed), it can send an electrical signal and
    generate mechanical action to cause the safety gear to work safely. Therefore,
    the speed limiter detects and manipulates when the elevator overspeeds and when
    the overspeed reaches a critical value.
    The safety gear is caused by the
    action of the speed limiter, forcing the car or the counterweight to stop on the
    guide rail, and at the same time cutting off the safety device of the elevator
    and the power source. The safety gear is the actuator that forces the car to
    stop under speed limit control.
    According to the safety regulations of the
    elevator, any car that pulls the elevator must be equipped with a safety gear
    device, and it is stipulated that the safety gear device must be operated by the
    speed limiter. It is forbidden to use the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic
    device to operate the safety gear. When there is a passage or space that can
    pass under the elevator pit, the counterweight safety clamp device should also
    be provided for the counterweight.
    The composition of the safety gear device
    and its motion analysis:
    The safety gear device is mounted on the car frame
    or the counterweight frame, and is composed of two parts;
    (1) Control
    mechanism: It is a set of linkage systems through which the speed limiter
    operates the safety gear.
    (2) Stop mechanism: Also called safety clamp
    (mouth), the function is to make the car or counterweight stop and clamp on the
    guide rail.