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How To Design The Pet Preform Mould Bottle Mouth

  • May 30, 2019
    [u]Pet Preform Mould[/u] are widely used in our lives, and it is very important that we look at the appearance of beauty and whether it can attract the attention of consumers. What is the manufacturer's design details for the bottle mouth?

    The PET bottle mouth is related to many problems. The first is the size and standard of the PET bottle mouth. If the PET bottle is too large, it will overflow and it will be inconvenient for consumers to drink too small. So a reasonable PET bottle diameter is actually very important. In addition, the uniformity of the PET bottle diameter is beneficial to the cover, suitable for the production of industrial manufacturers.

    It can also be used according to different materials during use. Some [u]Pet Preforms[/u] have only one-time function. Although it can be used continuously, it is easy to use harmful substances, so be careful when using them.