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Characteristics Of Blow Molding Pet Preform Mould

  • July 2, 2019
    [u]Pet Preform Mould[/u] and blow mold injection molding features and requirements:
    Pet preform injection molding
    PET is a hygroscopic material that undergoes hydrolysis during high temperature processing if the moisture content is too high.

    The PET molecular chain is destroyed and thermally decomposed to produce acetaldehyde, which has reduced mechanical properties and accelerated crystallization rate.

    Pet preform mould detail
    The cleavage and thermal decomposition of the PET molecular chain produces acetaldehyde, which reduces mechanical properties and accelerates the crystallization rate.

    When the PET material is ejected, it will cause partial crystallization of the preform, which will affect the quality of the product.

    Prior to injection molding of the preform, the PET stock must be dried to a moisture content of 0.05% or less to produce a good pet preform.

    The quality of the preform depends to a large extent on the advantages and disadvantages of the PET material.

    Materials that are easy to inflate, easy to mold, and a reasonable preform molding process should be selected.

    The requirements for preform products are pure, transparent, free of impurities, no discoloration, suitable for spot length and vignetting around.

    PET blow molding
    PET blow molded bottles can be divided into two categories:

    One type is a pressure bottle, such as a bottle filled with carbonated beverages.
    The other is a non-pressure bottle, such as a bottle filled with water, tea, oil, etc.
    PET blow mold 1 cavity small injection mold
    PET blow mold details
    [u]Pet Preforms[/u], heating, pre-blowing, mold, environment and other factors in the PET bottle blow molding process have an important impact on the blowing process.