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The other thing is that for now all of the current

  • Wei weismart
    Sep 14
    Although the way to monetize the game isn't ideal, it doesn't have aion classic kinah a major effect on the game's top level. Regardless of whether the shop is in existence or not, whales still purchase from gold sellers. Particularly since it's cheaper to buy from them. Kinah is a great helper with manastone/enchants for endgame gear However, you don't have to complete the task quickly. It is a game worth playing when you are a fan of grinding and like mmorpgs that are tab-based and are looking for a game centered on the pvp.

    This is the perfect moment to begin because the current patch isn't packed with any content. However, when the next patch comes out, we'll get a pvp instance, an endgame armor mission set, and a second endgame instance and more.

    I am able to earn 20,000 ExP for each mob that I kill, but I'm only getting 400K for the quest. About half of the 2M EXP that I get from the quest comes actually gained from killing the mobs. 200K/2M (10 percent) isn't a lot. If I go through 100 quests I've lost only 20M experience this isn't even half of the time required to go from 49 to 50.

    The game can be played through the 30s to early 40s. Until that point there's the difference between blue gear and white gear. You'll not notice the difference between 10 and 10 on an item, since everyone is gearing up and leveling as of now.

    The other thing is that for now all of the current dungeons can be completed in less than one hour. That means that if you're (gold) loot drops , you can get it but longer dungeons that will appear in the future be able to charge you for the subscription in order to get "the most effective" gear.

    Meeeeh I'm not sure if Aion isn't the best game to play for those who are new, it's very grindy, and as it's a traditional game, players who know the game for a long time already know every system and mechanic they are more ahead of the crowd, making them extremely stuff. It's not fun to be to the point of being completely destroyed because this game is 90 100% pvp.

    It was my fault when I said "i have no knowledge of aion classic". It was a reference to the fact that I am not aware of its commercialization. Ive played AIon before in 2009, and also a couple of years ago on buy aion classic kinah eu a p server. I was trying to figure out if someone who pays 15 EUR per month is more severely disabled than someone who spends more. How much is P2Win lol