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PC- go through the portals to a land ruled

  • Wei weismart
    Sep 18
    I was wondering what other people thought about the reports of RS gold changes to Acheron, or Eastern areas. I've shared my thoughts and then come up with your own.

    I hope this will be like a large-scale Barbarian Community, as Barbarians are known for their kindness. Villagers support each other. Fisherman give to cookers cooks, cooks donate fighters). It must be huge according to my estimation. It would have both an entry point as well as hunter outposts. These are the only locations which wouldn't be frozen. This is what it looks like.

    There are plenty of big game such as mammoths and saber teeth across the continent and hunt for them. Fishing enthusiasts could capture special species of fish that are only found in northern waters. The clothes (made from mammoth fur) could degrade making crafters extremely important and help keep the goods moving. The timer for frostbite can be set by lighting a fire close to it, and then standing near it. The continent would be able to have specific artic tree places. Penguin patrols could be an ongoing threat. There are also special ore.

    This will likely be another regular kingdom. If we are lucky, however, we might get some feudal Japan systems. Minigame based quests. I was convinced that this would never be feasible prior to NR. So I had a lot of thoughts in my head, and I thought they were ridiculous.

    PC- go through the portals to a land ruled by insects. The plague would have destroyed cities, with pests everywhere. After gathering artifacts that help us understand the pests better and identifying survivors of the native races. It is a disease that affects both chemical and biological matter and can be fatal. It is possible to fight more types of insects until we can kill the queen and close the portal into the next realm. (Continue until the homeworld is attained.) Then, (groan) you will find that the pests are conquered in more than one portal. Have fun

    The possibility of stealing creation is there. You could assist the mystics construct bodies for Zaros's defeated army, or you could stop the empty lord from getting revenge.

    It was something I observed years ago. A lot of users believed that the magic bonus doesn't affect the dart slayer. Here's a man who has already attained 91magic and is extremely high over all. He used cheap RuneScape gold slayerdart for a few day at barrows, and obtained 400k points. If he had used firewave (which provides the same strength but also gives you more experience), he could have gained 1.25m.