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I couldn't agree with your opinion more

  • xiuyun hao
    Aug 10
    I'm not hyped in any way. Have not even searched any Mut 23 coins information on it. I do not really care unless there's earth shattering franchise changes. If I was a teen I used to buy every single one so I could be up to date but I truly don't care today. I believe that. Im in my mid 20s today and have gotten the Madden NFL 23 game every year, but slowly my friends have stopped playing Madden and now its just me and one friend. We're both less than excited for this year and will probably adhere to 2K.

    I couldn't agree with your opinion more. I don't have any excitement for the Madden NFL 23 game, not one of my friends play it, every single year it seems like a demo version that they retail for $60. A new exclusivity deal was signed before 2026, regardless of how much I need it to, I know that Madden NFL 23 will not be any greater. I believe I am gonna sit out this one. This past year I was beyond excited for M20.

    This season I performed (MUT) intensely from release until early October.Then one day from nowhere just ceased and never picked it up. I was excited to truly get better at online drama but after diving in for two months it just wasn't satisfying. H2H looks nothing of the true match, every year it is whatever 5 plays are broken over and above for a full year. Madden and NHL will be the only two games I play and have for 15 decades.

    Only a new broken five plays which are ran at an obnoxious clip for a complete calendar year. Expecting the power of next gen may lead to meaningful improvements specifically with the AI. Just have constantly felt as though M21 will be a"punt" year while they gear up for M22 being completely tailored to next gen.

    Thats one of the reasons I'm not excited either. If I perform online I will only get frustrated. And solos get dull after a while in MUT. Agreed, I will hold out slight hope the manual zone depth will help curb everyone running the same things but if history is any madden 23 coins cheap indication there will be many broken stuff to exploit.