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MapleStory Wonderoid Floor B1 an B4 Nerf

  • Cszcy Cszcy
    May 10, 2018
    I don't think the event itself needs to be made simpler, but I really do believe Nexon should produce the option for players to choose to have it be easier. It feels like theres alot of "gatekeeping" happening, people essentially saying "git gud wash" if we whine about the case - simply because they are better at JQs.

    And while I understand why people would attempt to do so, Maplestory Mesos is very important to remember that the game is made for everyone, not that little sub group. The same as the sport can't get away with creating content only for level 200+, because the majority of gamers are on the lower levels.

    The problem that arises from making adjustment to the event so as to make it easier is that you're starting it for gold farmers and hackers to farm mesos for all those high-end benefits, while also decreasing the rewards for those truly skilled enough to pass the JQs in its own condition at the moment, making it possible for everyone (or in liss less proficient players) to receive it.

    I do think that ability players should be rewarded for their effort, and I'm very happy Nexon is ready to reward them with these expensive and hard to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos get equipment. While on the opposite side, I do not think that having this reward should gate everyone from appreciating this event.

    So the best solution, IMO, is simply give the players the option, after a couple of deaths, to open a shortcut/a portal/a checkpoint in the level when warning them that they might gate themselves from some rewards, with the abillity to repeat the degree on the tougher (noraml) difficulty later

    Its been done previously with Lotus and Damien's boss battles, where you're giving the option to weaken them and with "skill based" segment such as the shot 'em up segment on Black Heaven.

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