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Dark and Darker: Class Tier List

  • doris doris
    December 5, 2023
    There are six total classes available in Dark and Darker, and that's been consistent across all of its alphas and playtests. That said, each class has had its fair share of Dark And Darker Gold changes between alphas, some small and some quite large, depending on the class.

    Now, Rangers, Fighters, and Wizards absolutely dominated during the Dark and Darker alpha playtest in December (2022), has anything changed between that playtest and this one?

    Disclaimer: There aren't any 'bad' class options in Dark and Darker, each class can be overpowered in the right situation. That said, this Tier List considered which classes are in advantageous situations the most with the least amount of effort in regards to the placements.

    Because of this, any Barbarian without a helpful Haste-Wizard is usually out-sped and out-maneuvered by any other class. C-Tier: Barbarian Dark and Darker - A-Type Barbarian On Character Creator

    Bringing up the rear of the pack are Barbarians, which may surprise some people. Barbarians are, by far, the heaviest-hitting melee character, but it comes at a steep cost. Barbarians are slow in just about everything they do, from swinging their weapon to running and even applying bandages.

    Thankfully, as Barbarian players level up and Dark And Darker Gold for sale open more Perk Slots, a lot of their weaknesses are lessened somewhat. And, if they happen to actually ever get close to their opponent, then there's nothing scarier than a Barbarian. Rogue Dark and Darker - B-type Rogue On Character Creator