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While Dark and Darker is not yet available on Steam

  • doris doris
    December 13, 2023
    As of now, both US and South Korean court cases are ongoing, with the latter potentially being resolved between August 2023 and September 2023. Meanwhile, Dark and Darker is available for Early Access through non-Steam platforms. Dark and Darker: Official Release and Early Access Launch

    In summary, Dark and Darker’s legal issues revolve around the alleged theft of code and assets from a canceled project while working at Nexon. The game has been removed from Steam, and legal battles are ongoing between Ironmace Games and Nexon.

    Today, Ironmace, the developer of Dark and Darker, announced the official release of the game. After experiencing some setbacks, including copyright infringement allegations and removal from Steam’s platform, Dark and Darker has finally made its way to early access.

    All interested players can now purchase Dark and Darker directly from the developer’s official website, It is also available on a storefront called Chaf Games. Ironmace CEO Terence Park confirmed the release of the game in an interview with PC Gamer.

    While Dark and Darker is not yet available on Steam, Park expressed the company’s intention to return the game to Valve’s platform as soon as possible. However, access to the early version of the game is currently limited in Korea due to the awaited rating from the Korean Game Rating Board (GRAC). Ironmace is actively working to expedite this process.

    In addition to these updates, Park mentioned that certain features are still missing from this release, including in-game VoIP. Ironmace’s legal team needs to review third-party and user agreements before implementing this feature. The game’s launcher, called Blacksmith, is also a work-in-progress.