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What Happens in the Climactic Ending of 'Get Out'?

  • May 25
    In the thrilling conclusion of "Get Out," Chris fights for his life as he attempts to escape from the sinister house. In a desperate bid to flee, he accidentally hits Georgina while driving away. As memories of his mother's death resurface, Chris takes Georgina's body with him in the car, unaware that she is possessed by Rose's grandmother, Marianne. A violent struggle ensues, resulting in a car crash that claims Georgina's life.

    Determined to survive, Chris confronts Roman, who has taken control of Walter's body. Just as Roman is about to harm Chris, Walter regains control and shoots Rose in the stomach before tragically ending his own life.

    In her final moments, Rose deceitfully professes her love for Chris, hoping he will spare her. However, Chris sees through her manipulative ploy and begins to strangle her. At that pivotal moment, a police car arrives on the scene. Chris's loyal friend, Rod, emerges from the vehicle and rescues him, leaving Rose behind to bleed out on the road.

    The ending of "Get Out" is a gripping culmination of suspense and survival, where Chris manages to escape the clutches of his tormentors with the help of a true friend.

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