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Biggest Casino Promos of QQ808ms Malaysia Gambling Website

  • April 9, 2020

    There are plenty of online gambling casinos in Malaysia. But, the best one among all of those websites when it comes to promos and bonuses is QQ808ms Malaysia casino. This website has various of promos not just only for the regular players, but also for the new members. Now, do you want to see the biggest casino promos of QQ808ms Malaysia gambling website? If yes, then do not skip on reading this post.

    Biggest Casino Promos of QQ808ms Malaysia Gambling Website

    Welcome Bonus 20% (Promo for new members only)

    Here at https://qq808ms.com/, even the newcomers of newly registered players have an opportunity of earning from the promos that this website offers. In fact, one of the promos that is offered exclusively for the new members is the Welcome Bonus 20%. If you are new to QQ808ms Malaysia casino and you avail this promo, you could get up to MYR 300. However, you cannot apply this promotion to the products of Playtech and Blackjack game of all game providers of QQ808ms Malaysia online gambling casino.

    Extra Bonus 100% (Another promo for new members)

    Aside from the Welcome Bonus 20%, you can also avail Extra Bonus 100% if you are a new member. With this one, the maximum amount that you could possibly get is MYR 350. But, just like the first promotion, Extra Bonus 100% cannot be applied to Playtech’s online casino games and online Blackjack of all game providers.

    New QQPoint Daily Raffle Draw Promo

    Just like the other online casinos, QQ808ms Malaysia casino also has daily raffle draw promotion. Every single day, 3 members will receive huge prizes. Look below and see those 3 prizes:

      • MYR 1,600 for the first prize

      • MYR 960 for the second prize

      • MYR 640 for the third prize

    Moreover, 500 members of QQ808ms will also receive special prizes in every draw.

    Free VIP Level Upgrade Promo

    At QQ808ms casino Malaysia online betting website, all members can upgrade their current membership level. It is because of this promo called Free VIP Level. This one is applied to the all loyal players of this website. In every 3 months of playing, 1 level will be upgraded to a certain member.

    Join now and avail all of the biggest casino promos of QQ808ms Malaysia gambling website! If you want to see the other promotions of QQ808ms, visit these links:






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