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Pet Preform Mould Is Widely Used

  • May 4, 2019
    [u]Pet Preform Mould[/u] is the basic process equipment for industrial production in China. It plays a pivotal role in the national economy. PET bottle molds are used in a wide range of applications. The various process technologies included are profound and profound. PET bottle moulds are hailed as “the head of the industry, the mother of industry”, which is an important symbol of the level of product manufacturing in a country.

    The development potential of PET bottle molds cannot be underestimated. With the development of China's automotive, electronics, communications, home appliances and other industries, the demand for PET bottle molds is growing, and the quality of products is becoming higher and higher. PET bottle molds will be developed in the direction of large-scale, high-precision, multi-functional composite technology. Taking the automobile industry as an example, with the rapid growth of automobile production and sales, the potential market for automotive molds is huge. When manufacturing an automobile, the arm only needs more than 200 pieces of interior parts for a normal car, and the large and medium-sized PET bottle molds required for the manufacture of bumpers, instrument panels, fuel tanks, steering wheels, etc., currently meet only about 50. %. In the construction of the city, the replacement of traditional materials with PET building materials is also the trend of the times. It is expected that the penetration rate of PET doors and windows and plastic pipes will reach 30%-50% in 2010. The market share of PET drainage pipes will exceed 50%. The demand for it.

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