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OSRS is a fork of the original 2007 version

  • yuhan chen
    November 4, 2020
    I think that the reason is the client for OSRS gold is just simply too crap and requires far more work. Hell. Around 70% of the userbase uses a 3rd party customer for OSRS.

    Just a note to anyone that may want to get into OSRS, use RuneLite. It is far better than OSBuddy. It has all the features of RSBuddy without needing to pay for whatever.

    I think runelite is the most popular as rsbuddy requires a superior to get all the features (also the developer of rsbuddy kicked up a Ideal hissy fit when runelite started to become more popular and people stopped buying premium) It's way better than OSBuddy. It has all of the features of RSBuddy without needing to pay for whatever.

    Runelite is a great open-source customer that is officially supported. 90% of the PC players use it and that includes the majority of the developers.

    Just to clarify, RS3 can't use 3rd party customers, it is OSRS that uses runelite and RSBuddy

    Runescape players:"Just one decade of my character is practically ready to PVP! All I needed to do was click this item every couple of minutes for 10,000 hours, it was awesome!"

    Well, technically this is actually the original edition. It's just that after upgrades such as EoC, multiple images updates, along with a completely different native customer it has changed a whole lot.

    OSRS is a fork of the original 2007 version. It has received a great deal of o updates too, but it's much closer to old Runescape than RS3.

    You're likely to want to playBuy Runescape gold if you want to re-live your childhood. RS3 is a bastardized version of the original RS2 which you're speaking to. RS3 has MTX out the wazoo and it constantly bombards you with"buy stuff!" It's most likely one of the very MTX riddled matches of all time.