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    Neal Games

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    There's plenty of people on from the shore who would love to re experience Wrath of the Lich King as well as giving Dragon flight a good chance to give it a proper and thorough attempt. Many people playing WoW appear to be eagerly waiting for one more...  more
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    Whenever too many people are in a small area within the game, they will increase the number of layers so that nobody is farming the same mob, but it's not really increasing the server's capacity. Not gonna lie, I was pretty confident I had a clear...  more
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    It's happening fast. Before we dive into the actual post and discuss what's happening with the servers, I'll say I've updated my HUD for the entirety of my week , or you can see, my dk HUD as well as the rest of my HUD is updated , with buff tracking and...  more
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    Nonetheless, the value spent on him would be worth it as he has a rating of 81 and a potential of 88. In 1Andash;2 seasons, he will grow immensely and become an indisputable starter for whichever club you manage.
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    New Zealand - all the most interesting
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