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    Development Trend Of Juice Production Line Equipment

    The development trend of Juice Production Line equipment is toward higher precision, higher quality and speed, and towards the development of large-scale juice equipment assembly line. Juice equipment equipment is becoming more and more large, so that it...  more
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    Production Of Pet Preform Mould

    The general production process of a Pet Preform Mould is: injection molding into a preform, and after heating, the preform is longitudinally stretched, stretched in a transverse direction, and blow molded.
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    Changes In Modern Juice Production Line

    Juice drinks have become one of the most popular beverages in the beverage market due to their green health and pollution-free characteristics. With the continuous development of juice drinks, people have more and more choices about the taste and type of...  more
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    Bola Online

    Permainan judi online tentunya memberikan berkah tersendiri bagi semua pecinta judi yang ada di Indonesia.
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    The Use Of Pet Preform Temperature Adjustment Skills

    The use of Pet Preform temperature adjustment skills. The blowing mold is usually heated by the hot oil circulation method, and the blowing mold is adjusted in three cycles: the bottom of the bottle is cooled. The bottom of the bottle is kept at a low...  more
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    Milk Production Line Sterilization Methods Are Different

    When purchasing milk products, Volkswagen often sees “pasteurization” and “ultra-high temperature sterilization” on dairy products. Many people have doubts. What is the difference between these "words"?
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    Jimei Design First-class Juice Production Line

    Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. produces a full set of equipment for food and beverage processing. The company has rich production experience. Milk processing equipment is an assembly line of fluid equipment. The company strives for quality...  more
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    Jilian Mold Is A Reliable Pet Preform Manufacturers

    Injection molded Pet Preforms molds are a tool for producing plastic products; they are also tools for giving plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. Injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of complex parts of...  more
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    Juice Processing Plant Rely On Modern Equipment

    With the fierce market competition, highly intelligent, automated, multi-functional, low-consumption, high-efficiency packaging equipment is increasingly attracting attention and favor from the packaging industry. The market development has gradually...  more
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    Pet Preform Mould Overmolding Solution

    Overmolding is the process of coating one plastic with another in a Pet Preform Mould. It can be the same plastic in two colors or a soft touch material on a harder material, such as a TPE on a molded PP material.
    It is well known that for small plastic...  more
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