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Say hi to Kentucky Chrome, the little pony with a big bag of tricks

admin 108 May 16, 2018

The miniature Shetland, a downsized version of famous race horse California Chrome, can perform an array of stunts, from rearing up to lying down on command.
Kentucky Chrome was initially brought to Taylor Made Farm in Nicholasville, Kentucky as a "wild little thing," John Baar, "Tucky's" trainer, tells CNN Winning Post, but they have since been able to tame him.
"He's a cheeky little horse," Baar says. "He was an escape artist when we got him and now he's just going to be the star of the show.
Luke Baar trains Kentucky Chrome.
"He's surprisingly been really easy to train. He's been really nice and they're so smart and incredibly intelligent that it's actually pretty easy, especially once you get them to become your partners."
Baar and his five-year-old son, Luke Baar -- "Tucky's" junior trainer -- own Raising the Bar Farm, which trains all breeds and sizes of horses.
The father and son duo were contacted by Duncan Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Made Farm, to help turn Kentucky Chrome into the star attraction.
Five-year-old Luke was the first to jump into the pen with 'Tucky'.
"We said: 'If we can get a little horse who can do a lot of tricks, that would be entertainment for the customer and it would be something that they would all enjoy,'" Taylor said.
California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes -- two thirds of horse racing's Triple Crown -- in 2014 and then the Dubai World Cup in 2016.
This year's Preakness Stakes is being run on May 19.