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  • In the Rocket League portion of the report

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    Rocket League will be getting a brand new appearance, extra content, and some other cell product in the destiny, according to new documents submitted nowadays in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple.

    Along with targeted insights into Fortnite’s generated revenue and content plans, numerous different video games noticed portions of their improvement timelines shared in a quarterly enterprise overview from Rocket League Trading June 2020 that was submitted as evidence throughout the complaints.

    In the Rocket League portion of the report, Epic listed several portions of information which have considering been applied into the game or introduced for later this yr.

    Those modifications included Rocket League “2D,” a version of the game that become being built because the franchise’s first mobile title and could mainly be tailor-made to touch controls, even as nonetheless permitting conventional controller assist. That recreation changed into RL Prices revealed in March as Rocket League Sideswipe.