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  • How is the freshness of the fruit preserved in these flat bottom coffee bags?

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    Preserving the freshness of fruit in flat-bottom coffee bags primarily relies on a combination of factors including packaging materials, design, and sealing techniques.

    Here's how it typically works:

    1. Packaging Material: The bags are usually made of multi-layer materials that provide excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, flat bottom coffee bags   light, and other external factors that can degrade the quality of the fruit.

    2. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): MAP involves modifying the atmosphere inside the bag to slow down the ripening process and inhibit microbial growth. This is often achieved by flushing the bag with a mixture of gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen at specific ratios.

    3. Sealing: The bags are sealed using advanced sealing techniques to ensure an airtight closure, preventing the entry of external contaminants and maintaining the desired atmosphere inside the bag.

    4. Flat-bottom Design: The flat-bottom design provides stability to the bag, preventing it from tipping over and potentially damaging the fruit inside. It also allows the bag to stand upright, which is convenient for storage and display.

    5. Quality Control and Storage Conditions: Proper handling and storage conditions, such as maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level, are crucial for preserving the freshness of the fruit during transportation and storage.

    By employing these methods, flat-bottom coffee bags can effectively preserve the freshness of the fruit, ensuring that it reaches consumers in optimal condition.