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  • How does the diaper's core innovation work to take in wetness?

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    The core modern technology of adult diapers functions to absorb moisture with a mix of a number of vital elements and systems:

    Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP): This is one of the most crucial element in the baby diaper's core. SAP can absorb and lock away a big quantity of fluid about its weight. When urine get in touches with the SAP, it develops into a gel-like compound, which aids to avoid leakages and maintain the skin dry.

    Fluff Pulp: This is a soft, fibrous product that assists to distribute the liquid equally throughout the core. It functions as a first absorbent layer, promptly pulling in dampness and transferring it to the SAP.

    Acquisition Layer: This layer sits over the SAP and fluff pulp and helps to swiftly wick dampness away from the skin and disperse it uniformly throughout the core. This avoids merging and guarantees that the liquid reaches the absorptive materials effectively.

    Top Sheet: The top sheet is the layer that enters direct contact with the skin. It is designed to be soft and comfy while enabling fluids to travel through quickly to the absorptive core below. China adult diapers at night pricelist  It usually consists of materials that assist to maintain the skin completely dry and avoid inflammation.

    Distribution Layer: This layer helps to spread the liquid evenly throughout the core, making certain that the SAP and fluff pulp can absorb it effectively without causing local saturation that could lead to leaks.

    Breathable Back Sheet: While not directly associated with dampness absorption, the back sheet contributes in general diaper efficiency. It enables vapor to run away, lowering the danger of skin irritation and keeping the wearer a lot more comfortable.

    Elastic Leg Cuffs: These are designed to offer a tight fit around the legs to prevent leakages. They are not part of the core innovation however play a necessary function in total leakage security.

    The mix of these components makes certain that adult diapers can take in large quantities of liquid, lock it away to avoid leaks, and keep the skin dry and comfy over extended periods.