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  • Posted On: Jun 24, 2019
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  • Description: The penetration rate of reverse osmosis filtration water purifiers in China has been greatly improved. However, many users have many misunderstandings about the application of RO membranes. This will give you a real understanding of the reverse osmosis membrane and tell you how to choose the Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier(KOKOELECTRIC) . Myth 1: The filtered water through the RO membrane, the TDS should be a small number such as 1-10. There are two main factors determining the TDS value of RO membrane effluent. One is the performance parameter of RO membrane: the salt rejection rate; the other is the water quality of the water purifier. The effluent TDS value of the RO membrane is not fixed, even if the RO membrane desalination rate is stable, the effluent TDS = influent TDS * (1-RO membrane desalination rate). That is to say, the higher the TDS value of the influent water quality, the higher the TDS value of the corresponding RO membrane effluent. Myth 2: The RO membrane has a good salt rejection rate and the TDS drops quickly. Nowadays, the RO membranes of various brands on the market, including the RO membranes of imported brands, are all the same, and the performance difference is not too great. Mainly the difference in RO film quality: diaphragm selection, glue selection, excipient selection, production equipment, membrane component production process, quality control. Generally good membrane components, the cost must be higher. Good RO membrane products, the performance is more stable, the structure is more reasonable, the service life is longer, and the anti-pollution ability is also improved. Myth 3: The same RO membrane used in any environment, the salt rejection rate and water production are similar. In fact, the performance of the RO membrane is greatly affected by the environment in which it is used. Pressure, temperature, recovery, influent salinity and pH all contribute to the water production and desalination rate of the reverse osmosis membrane system. Myth 4: The pre-filter can be used less and has little effect on the RO membrane. Regardless of which brand of RO membrane, there is a requirement for influent water. The use of inferior pre-filters will significantly reduce the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. RO membranes are precision filters that primarily filter bacteria, viruses and soluble impurities that are invisible to the naked eye. The coarse large particles will damage the membrane and block the pores of the membrane. Therefore, it is still necessary to use a reliable front filter. Click Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer to learn about more information.