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  • Posted On: Jul 04, 2019
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  • Description: With the increasing acceptance of drinking water purification concepts by domestic consumers, the price of domestic water purifiers is also rising. For those users who have already spent thousands of dollars to purchase water purifier, how can they get better performance and longer service life through proper maintenance? Generally speaking, the service life of Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) depends on the care of the owner. 1. It is twice the result with half the effort to do a good job in maintaining the filter element of the water purifier. We should know that the core accessory of a water purifier is the filter element of the water purifier. After the filter element of the water purifier is properly handled, the maintenance of the water purifier accessories is half successful. In practice, users often slack off on the maintenance of the filter element, and the after-sales service form in the drawer is only taken out for a year or two, but they do not realize that regular replacement of the filter element will bring health and safety risks. 2. The water purifier should not move and vibrate frequently. The manufacturing reference factor of the connection standard between water purifier fittings is the passage and flow of water. Users of the water purifier should not move the water purifier frequently. Any inappropriate vibration may have unpredictable influence on the connection between water purifier accessories. Although the manufacturer of the water purifier considers the degree of shock absorption (similar to the anti-fall function of mobile phones) in the production process, the water purifier is a household appliance product after all, and the impact of external forces should be avoided. 3. The water purifier should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. The service life of water purifier accessories is also related to the intensity of natural light. Like other household appliances, the water purifier should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. For users who can only be placed on the balcony due to the special house structure, it is suggested to build sunshades for the water purifier. 4. The water purifier should not be placed beside the heat source. Plastic is the material of many water purifier accessories. The heat source will undoubtedly affect the plastic products. In addition to plastic products in water purifier accessories, heat sources can easily unbalance voltage and current, thus damaging the water purifier. 5. Anti-freezing measures for water purifier cannot be less Users of northern water purifiers should also consider the problem of "cold source". If the water purifier is placed on the balcony and other places, freezing cracks may occur in the filter bottle and membrane shell in cold weather. If the water freezes inside the water purifier, its expansion force will cause the pipes, filter bottles and membrane shells of the water purifier to burst and cause water leakage. 6. A closer look at the instructions can avoid 90% of the problems. Water purifier users can correctly extend the service life of water purifier accessories by carefully reading the instructions. When the new water purifier is bought home, all its working parameters and precautions have been written into the instruction manual. For example, how much water temperature is applicable, appropriate water pressure, water quality requirements, etc. If the water pressure does not meet the requirements, the pressure reducing valve needs to be installed (increased); if the water quality does not meet the requirements, the pre-filtration needs to be installed. As long as the water purifier is properly protected, its service life can reach more than 5 years. Nowadays, water purifier is not only a household appliance product, but also a protector of family health. The maintenance of the service life of water purifier accessories can not only improve the quality of water purification, but also save the cost of household electrical appliances, which is worth doing. Click Water Filter Spare Parts to learn about more information.