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  • Posted On: Jul 16, 2019
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  • Description: First of all, we must analyze the reasons for the rust of the Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) : 1. A product of decomposition of an injection moulding material. Injection moulding produces the most common corrosion of furniture mould. In order to prevent the rust of the furniture mould, the most widely used method is to chrome the furniture mould cavity, but the plating treatment cannot fully solve the problem, because the decomposition product is also corroded to the deep part of the pin hole. 2. The furniture mould has regained its momentum. The furniture mould is cooled to the point of regaining moisture. The moisture in the air is attached to the surface of the furniture mould to generate water vapor, which will cause the furniture mould to rust. 3. The hand sweat of the fitter. There are also other foreign objects such as circulating water, steam, and the like. So we have listed the following solutions: 1. Short-term countermeasures; gently rub the surface of the cavity with a cloth. The moulding material is sufficiently dried to lower the temperature of the barrel to prevent decomposition of the material. 2. Long-term; the material of the product is turned into a material that does not corrode the furniture mould. Materials that are easily decomposed due to differences in plastic materials, such as PVC, POM, PC materials, etc. Since the decomposition product has a corrosive effect on the furniture mould, the furniture mould should be chrome-plated. 3. When temporarily stopping the moulding, spray the rust inhibitor on the furniture mould cavity and close the mould. 4. When the furniture mould is stopped for a long time, apply a layer of butter to the outside of the furniture mould and the moving parts. Click Air Cooler Mould to learn about more information.