The Necessity of The Required Lubrication of The Combine Chains at Work MyWorldGo

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  • Posted On: Jul 23, 2019
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  • Description: Regarding the combine chains(GETECHAIN) , even if the chain and sprocket planning fits well with the conditions and environment, if the smoothness is poor, it is impossible to fully utilize the planning function and ensure the service life. The combine chains have excellent smoothness and smoothness in use, and the wear amount can be 200-300 times different. Once the smoothness is not enough, the pin and the sleeve will wear out, and the combine chains and the sprocket will be misaligned, and the noise will be caused, chain elongation, even the formation of broken links. The poor smoothness between the roller and the sleeve will result in the serious wear of these parts in the early stage and cannot be used continuously. Therefore, it is a crucial method to select the smooth oil viscosity, the oil supply direction and method, the oil supply distance and the oil injection amount, so that the conflicting surfaces between the combine chains are effective. Can receive the following effects: 1. Reduce the wear and tear of the conflict; 2. Reduce power consumption; 3. Glue caused by adhesive wear; 4. Except for overheating due to conflict; 5. The transmission is stable and extends the service life. Click Driving chain manufacturer to learn about more information.