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  • Posted On: Jul 30, 2019
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  • Description: Ro Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) https://www.kokoelectric.com/product/ro-system-component/ play a vital role in reverse osmosis equipment. In some cases, ro spare parts are easily damaged, and we must pay special attention to these aspects. 1. Inappropriate torque If the torque load on the fastening bolt is not suitable, the fluid force at the bottom of the assembly will squeeze the guide disc and the O-ring to the inlet flange, and the O-ring on the deflector will be out of position. It will flow into the permeate channel and the device will shut down because the conductivity of the permeate is too high. 2. Pressure on the liquid discharge pipe When the equipment is stopped, there is no pressure on the light-transmissive side. If the pressure is generated, the diaphragm and O-ring will be separated or the diaphragm will be pierced by the bump on the flow plate, and the water flow will become larger. The quality of the produced water is degraded. 3. Vacuum appears in the feed or concentrates tube A vacuum in the feed or concentrate tube can cause damage similar to the pressure of the discharge tube. Improper flushing before the first start after repair. After repair, the equipment must be flushed before starting, mainly to remove air from the components. The time required for rinsing depends on the number of components, ensuring that no air is present in the assembly, and sometimes automatic rinsing cannot be done and the equipment must be operated manually. If the user is unable to implement it, it should be directed by the service engineer, otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of after-sales service. Click Ro System Component https://www.kokoelectric.com/product/ro-system-component/ to learn about more information.