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  • Posted On: Sep 12, 2019
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  • Description: 1. The density of ECCA Wire(XINYU) is lower than that of copper enameled wire, and the maximum density is 3.63g/cm3. The product is about 2.45 times longer than enameled round copper wire with the same output. Each ton of ECCA wire can save 1.45t of copper wire, which saves both cost and resources. 2. ECCA wire performance completely reaches the performance of copper enameled wire, with high superconductivity and good frequency conversion effect. The ECCA wire is mainly used for: Coils for various purposes, high-end audio, and TV sets turn in circles. Excitation coil, various electronic industrial equipment. Microwave ovens, electronic toys, various microelectronic devices, micro motors. Artificial heart pacemaker, etc., can gradually replace copper enameled wire for the most part with the promotion of ECCA wire. Click ECCA Manufacturer to learn about more information.