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  • Description: Chain plays a very important role in many industries. The conveyor chain(GETECHAIN) is only a common one in the chain. What are the characteristics of this chain? Conveyor chain is one form of a chain. When selecting the conveyor chain, the material of the product and the manufacturer of the product should be considered according to the characteristics of the conveyor chain, so that the quality of the purchased conveyor chain can be guaranteed. With the continuous development of China's industry, the transportation chain has also played a very important role in the industry. China's transportation chain industry will have a new look. The chain feeder can work normally under various harsh environments, whether it is low temperature, advanced, dusty, toxic, corrosive or rough loading. Therefore, the conveyor chain is willing to be used in low-temperature cold storage, high-temperature supply trunk lines, rough-loaded forest farms, dusty cement plants, and equipment coating lines. There are many standard widths of conveyor chain, and other special specifications can also be adapted according to customer requirements. The conveyor chain has large conveyor capacity, mainly conveyor pallets, large turnover boxes, etc. The conveyor chain has various structural forms and various accessories, which are easy to realize stacking and conveyor, and can be used as an assembly production line or as material storage and conveyor. The power roller table for conveyor chain consists of a power roller barrel assembly, an aluminum side plate, a sheet frame, a pull rod, a bearing seat, a driving device, and a chain. The above content is an introduction to the characteristics of the conveyor chain, which is generally relatively large and is also determined by the work. If you want to know more about the conveyor chain, you can refer to some relevant information. Click agricultural chain to learn about more information.