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  • Description: Detail point one: mastery of traffic If the flow rate of Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/vibrating-cleaning-screens/ equipment is too large or too small, the efficiency of de-stone removal will be reduced. The flow rate is too small. The grain layer on the sieve surface is too thin, and it is easy to be broken by the airflow. Even the mud is blown up, so that the air volume is seriously distributed on the sieve surface. Unevenness, resulting in unclear separation; excessive flow, thick grain layer, stone and grain are not fully graded, which will also reduce the effectiveness of the equipment. Therefore, the mastery of the flow rate should be compatible with the rated output of the equipment and the characteristics of the sand contained in the raw grain. Detail point two: adjustment of air volume Under certain other conditions, the air volume of the equipment can be judged according to the movement state of the material on the sieve surface and the quality of the two materials. When the air volume is too large, the material on the sieve will not only float, but even “blow through”, "foaming" and other phenomena, which not only destroys the automatic classification, but also blows some flaky mud from the bottom of the layer and discharges it from the mouth along with the rice. For this case, the damper must be closed or the fan should be lowered. Rotating speed. Detail point three: Determination of the inclination of the screen surface According to the test, the slope of the screen surface is generally between 10 and 13 degrees. If the slope is too large, the resistance of the stone moving upwards is large, and the speed of entering the selection chamber is slow and even difficult to discharge. The flow rate of the grain on the sieve surface is increased, and the stone may be washed away by the grain; when the inclination is too small, although the resistance to the upward movement is small, it is easy to be discharged, but the movement speed of the grain on the sieve surface is too slow, affecting The yield, and the amount of grain in the equipment will increase accordingly, so the slope of the screen should be kept appropriate. Detail point four: the working screen surface should be flat The working sieve surface should be flat and free from unevenness. Before starting the machine, the mill processing equipment manufacturer should check whether the bearing blocks are fastened, and whether other important coupling screws are tightened; the screen surface should be pre-laid with a layer of material to avoid airflow distribution due to the material not being able to fill the screen surface in time. Evenly, when working, it is necessary to check the situation of grain and stone in the grain, and find out the cause in time to take measures. Click Rice Destoner https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/destoner-machine/ to learn about more information.