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  • Posted On: Dec 25, 2018
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  • Description: First, rice milling: the method of rice whitening is divided into two types: grinding and whitening, friction and rubbing away. Commonly used Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) equipments are: sand roller rice whitener machine and iron roller rice whitener machine. Usually, multi-machine light grinding, sand-iron combined rice whitener process, sand roller rice whitener machine is mainly used for roughening, and iron roller rice whitener machine is used for fine grinding of rice. Considering that the grain size of rice is small, rice bran is more oily, so it is different from rice in terms of parameter selection and processing of rice mill. In operation, the whitening pressure should be reduced, the temperature rise in the whitening should be reduced, the low temperature rice milling should be carried out, and the oily material agglomeration should be avoided as much as possible to avoid affecting the normal work of the rice machine and the finished rice quality. Second, the product finishing: into the rice after the skin whitening, often mixed with broken rice, rice bran, a small amount of millet, etc., which not only affects the quality of the finished product, but also extremely unfavorable for the storage of the finished product. Third, the main functions generally include: removing, removing, polishing, color selection and so on. Among them, the removal and removal of bismuth are indispensable processes, and the polishing and color selection are determined according to the condition of the original grain and the quality of the finished product. Click Rice Polisher to learn about more information.