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Labels have so many uses, whether it’s around the home, in the office or at events, they’re one of life’s essentials. With over 80 years’ experience and a range that includes more than 900 plastic labels in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, Gete is a brand that you can trust.

Browse our extensive range and you’ll soon discover there’s more uses for plastic labels than you think. There are stickers for products and pricing, security labels to mark possessions and property, plastic labels for organising and filing and so much more.

Each type of object with support for plastic labels has mechanisms for adding and managing them and using them as they relate to that type of object. These links provide a good place to start learning about how you can use labels in your Gete deployments.

Labels on images, containers, local daemons, volumes, and networks are static for the lifetime of the object. To change these labels you must recreate the object. Labels on swarm nodes and services can be updated dynamically.

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