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At present, there are various kinds of clothing and textile fabrics on the market, which are fabrics with different performances that are constantly evolving to meet different needs of different groups of people for clothing designers to choose and make fashionable and beautiful clothes.

Among these clothing fabrics, jacquard fabrics are the ones that have to be mentioned, and there are many categories, such as: pure cotton jacquard, small jacquard, silk-like jacquard, etc.

Pure cotton Jacquard fabric is woven by weaving process. Warp knitted fabric has very good extensibility when stretched horizontally and vertically. Warp knitted and woven jacquard fabric has no extensibility when stretched horizontally and vertically. Therefore, it also determines the variety of pure cotton Jacquard fabric in the whole application process.

Solid color Jacquard is a kind of Jacquard dye cloth. The lines on the cloth are woven, not ordinary clothing printing or embroidery. When weaving cloth, it must undergo the transformation of a powerful mechanism to produce a pattern, with fine yarn count, high relative density of needlework, no deformation, no fading and good comfort.

At the same time, this kind of fabric has the advantages of pure color, simplicity and fashion. In addition, it has delicate and smooth hand feeling, good drapability and air permeability. Besides being used for custom-made work clothes, it can also be used for interior decoration and various furniture.

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