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Jacquard fabrics are very versatile

Jacquard fabrics are very versatile, not only for making casual trousers, sportswear, suits, etc., but also for bed materials, such as jacquard mattress fabric. Fabrics are comfortable to wear and are very popular.

The “elastic satin” fabric is made of satin weave in the jet looms. Because the warp threads are made of large filaments, the fabrics are attractive, and they occupy the fabric market with the advantages of lightness, softness, elasticity, comfort and luster.

Polyester low-elastic yarn is used as raw material. The fabric structure is made of satin and plain weave. It is interwoven on the air jet loom. The fabric is then desiccated, pre-shrinked, softened, etc., and the fabric is particularly breathable and soft to the touch. smooth.

Demand is relatively strong, customers see orders increase, and weaving production and sales are booming. In addition, the twisted satin has always been favored by clothing manufacturers, mainly used as casual pants, sportswear, and bed materials, the product is both dyed and printed.

Jacquard satin is a new fabric that combines comfort, modernity and artistic sense. It attracts merchants with its attractive charm, and its sales are also quite good.

As a professional modern mattress fabric company, Rongli is also very good at the production process of jacquard mattress fabrics. The fabric feels softer, more beautiful, more sophisticated, and more and more popular in the market.

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