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Functional fabrics have properties that ordinary fabrics do not have

Functional fabrics refers to the addition of functional materials by changing the properties of the fabric, adding various additives during the production process or after finishing, so that the fabric itself has the special effects and superior performance that the general garment fabric does not have.

Learn about functional fabric features:

There are two kinds of functional fabrics, one is the clothing made of sports functional fabrics. These fabrics are mainly mountaineering clothes, ski suits and jackets. The style is rough and the hand feels stiff. The performance requirements are very high. It is suitable for sports. It is used in functional and harsh environments and has a protective effect on people.

The other is the clothing made of casual functional fabrics. The definition is that it is outdoor activities outside the home. This kind of fabric is mainly casual and fashionable, with exquisite workmanship, soft hand feeling and comfortable wearing.

The main features are as follows:

1. Comfort function: high elasticity, memory, heat preservation, windproof, waterproof, anti-wrinkle, non-scalding, moisture wicking, etc.

2. Health functions: anti-mildew, anti-mite, anti-virus, anti-mosquito, negative ion health care, etc.

3. Safety features: wear resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, flame retardant, antistatic and so on

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