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See if it's time you changed the mattress

The quality of sleep is related to the importance of physical health, which most consumers and friends know better. As the pace of life quickens and the pressure of work increases, insomnia becomes more and more serious. Some netizens reported that they assisted sleep by doing exercises, taking sleeping pills, dietotherapy, etc., but the insomnia did not improve much, the sleep quality was not good, and the next day they still had no spirit. According to authoritative news release, the quality of sleep is related to the mattress, and improving sleep quality starts with choosing a mattress.

The average adult has a normal sleep time of 7 - 8 hours, while children have a sleep time of 10 hours. Good sleep plays a key role in nourishing sufficient spirit and restoring physical vitality. However, if any of the following two conditions occur, it is recommended to replace the mattress in time to improve sleep quality.

( 1 ) Human factors

1. Late fall asleep: people who sleep well can generally enter the sleep state within half an hour, and those who do not sleep well can enter the sleep state for a long time. 2. False sleep: they often wake up at night and wake up more than 4 times per night.

3. Less sleep: common in the elderly, sleep less, sleep late and wake up early

4. Tired of waking up: After waking up, I feel tired all over, all over, and no energy.

5. Often woke up by the sound of the outdoor, light sleep time is mostly, can't get a good rest

( 2 ) mattress factor

1. The mattress has been used for more than ten years.

2. I feel back pain when I get up

3. Can't sleep in bed for a long time

4. The mattress has sunk or made noises.

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