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There are many different types of functional fabrics

As people's awareness of protection increases, the market demand for functional fabrics continues to grow. Although the price of functional fabrics is almost twice that of ordinary fabrics, market sales have shown a steady growth trend in recent years.

In the production process, functional fabrics must be meticulous and meticulous, and implement convenient functions to make a real contribution to the society. Rongli has been researching some functional fabrics for many years, and their technology is now quite mature, the most proud of which is flame retardant fabrics and waterproof fabrics.

There are many different types of functional fabrics, each of which has a very unique function just like their name. According to reports, the current flame-retardant fabrics are widely used in the production of fire-fighting, electric welding and steel overalls, and their protection functions are well received. The same waterproof fabric is not inferior, mainly used in chef's clothing, children's wear, cold winter, and baby mattress fabrics. The chef will not be uncomfortable for a whole day because of the wet clothes at work. The child will not catch cold due to wet clothes, and the mother will not be in a hurry because of the baby's bedwetting.

Clothes made from Rongli's fabrics protect firefighters from fire and protect children's health. These conveniences for human life are the company's greatest pride and the greatest fabric value.

Functional fabrics are a new type of fabrics developed by people today. They are diverse in variety, versatile, and feature-rich. They appear to light up life and provide a lot of help for people's daily life, and the effect is obvious.

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