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In the construction of some projects, because the construction environment is relatively remote, the housing of construction personnel has become a big problem. Moreover, due to the particularity of construction work, the use period of houses is short. Therefore, most construction houses are temporarily built at one time, which not only has unstable structure and poor accommodation environment, but also causes waste of material resources.

Therefore, we propose a modular composite house.

Preferably, the top ends of the reinforcing columns on the first baffle module and the top ends of the reinforcing columns on the second baffle module are respectively provided with reinforcing rods in an inclined state, one end of the reinforcing rods far away from the reinforcing columns is connected, and one end of the reinforcing rods far away from the reinforcing columns is connected to the middle part of the lower surface of the roof module.

The primary technical requirement for the design and manufacture of container structures is to ensure the necessary strength, rigidity and reliable bearing capacity of the container structures when subjected to vibration, resistance and huge inertial force under severe sea transportation conditions. At the same time, the products must simulate the above severe conditions when leaving the factory to carry out strict overall detection of the physical loads of the container. Therefore, in fact, the overall structure of the container has very strong compressive, bending, shear bearing capacity and overall rigidity. According to the different combined structures of container composite houses, the stacked structure system and the box frame structure system are proposed as basic systems for structural calculation.

Therefore, when there is no hole or cantilever, it is not necessary to check the bearing capacity. However, when there is a large hole in the box wall, the bottom beam under the hole may have insufficient strength and deflection due to its thin cross section, so checking is required. When the whole box structure is subjected to horizontal load, additional pairs of axial pressure and axial tension will be generated on the side corner columns on both sides due to the overturning effect of the whole. The adverse effect of this additional axial force should be taken into account when calculating the vertical force of the four corner pieces and their connections.

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