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Prefab villa is a kind of house built with light steel. Its light weight, beautiful appearance and low cost have been widely promoted. From the worsening environmental problems, the more important function of such villas is green environmental protection.

Although the appearance and the villa look no different, it is different. So where is the light steel villa, how long can it last? Let's take a look at the specifics of PTH Light Steel Villa.

Light steel villas, it seems that there is no difference between ordinary villas, in fact, it is completely different! The main body adopts light steel keel load-bearing, and the wall and roof are made up of keel, thermal insulation material, moisture-proof and sound-proof materials. The performance of the house can be compared with foreign advanced passive houses! The construction of light steel villas adopts the dry construction method and will not cause waste of water data. And save money.

Moreover, the fully-assembled construction technology shortens the construction period of one and a half years to just one month, and it is very convenient. And the flexible body structure can resist the magnitude 9 earthquake without falling! Because of the small thickness of the light steel structure, the light steel villa can increase the use area than the brick-concrete structure.

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