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At present, many manufacturing industries, machinery industry, transportation industry, gas station, auto repair factory, chemical industry and so on all choose air tools to operate, because air tools has the characteristics of long service life, low cost and strong adaptability, and can perform reliable work under general environment or under special environment of temperature, humidity and dust, which makes enterprises very relieved.

Air tools mainly uses the energy of compressed air provided by air compressors as power to make tools work. In the early days, most of China's air tools were imported from foreign countries, and the price was generally high. With the development and improvement of domestic technology, the price of air tools was lowered and the after-sales service was more perfect, thus enabling customers to purchase at ease.

What are the advantages of air tools?

1. The power source is abundant, because air is easily available and the working pressure is very low. Used air can be easily discharged without considering the problem of recycling.

2. In addition, due to the small viscosity of the air, the resistance loss during flow is also small, and long-distance transmission is also acceptable.

3. air tools are mainly of rotary and reciprocating types. Pneumatic actuators have high moving speed and high working efficiency.

4. Pneumatic actuator has long service life and can reduce cost.

5. air tools is suitable for use in a variety of environments, including cold, hot, dry, humid and dust-free environments. It can work without worrying about environmental pollution caused by carelessness.

6. The pneumatic system is advanced and reliable, with simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost.

In general, air tools has the advantages of fast movement and strong adaptability, is more suitable for various harsh environments, does not pollute the environment, has long service life, low price and is convenient to maintain.

In the future, the research and design of air tools is mainly to meet the requirements of electronics, machinery, food, medicine, textile and chemical industries. The industrial automation equipment produced will develop towards high quality, high precision, no pollution and long service life. At the same time, in order to improve production efficiency, the demand for pneumatic components with high speed and high output force will increase.

In addition, mechatronic technology is the trend of industrial development. Mechatronic pneumatic systems that can be operated by microcomputers are becoming more and more popular. Pneumatic components are also developing in the direction of low power, miniaturization and light weight.

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