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For young people in the new era, travel has become the first choice for relaxation and self-relaxation, exploring the unknown territory with longing and curiosity for the world. Of course, when admiring foreign scenery, comfortable accommodation is essential. Today, I recommend to everyone a container homestay.

The container homestay is located on a quiet and charming street in the center of Rio Tavares, close to Campeche and other southern beaches. Its geographical position is very superior and the environment is beautiful. What makes people more commendable is that it is made of blue and black containers instead of traditional concrete houses, giving a new and special feeling.

These walls separate the container homestay, ensuring the privacy of the house. The support uses a concrete foundation. Blue 40-foot containers are distributed on the left and right. The black container is located on the top and rear of the blue container. The atrium is filled with wooden boards, various outdoor tables and chairs and plant furniture are placed, and a comfortable public activity area is built.

The main building is three independent houses, which can be rented independently or as a whole. It can accommodate up to 12 people and is spacious. Transparent glass doors lead to each room separately. Each room has two separate rooms, a small living room, an open kitchen and a bathroom. The open-plan living room and kitchen design enhance the room's sense of space and are fully equipped to meet the needs of daily life.

The container homestay uses a simple design style. The white interior wall panel covers the original wavy wall surface, and the white ceramic tiles are laid on the ground. Light passes through all doors and windows to ensure indoor lighting. Simple black and white furniture is neatly arranged to create a clean and comfortable living environment for guests. After going out every day, they returned to the warm house to rest and felt more at home.

Container B&B is really a very good experience. Apart from being creative, it is also comfortable and practical. If you are interested in this kind of creative container house, please contact us:

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