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In recent years, in the context of the global initiative to promote a low-carbon economy, low-carbon energy conservation has become a "new engine" for the development of the real estate industry, and modular house have emerged.

Compared with traditional building technology, modular houses can achieve energy savings of more than 47% and reduce carbon emissions by more than 51%. Modular houses adopt advanced development concepts, scientific planning layout, and first-class construction standards. , Low-carbon and environmentally friendly, intelligent new technology residence.

The modular house can be combined and shrunk into a unit box of the size of a truck. After delivery, the unit box will expand to three times the space of the body, and then form a small house. All the internal accessories and fixtures of the house will be pre-installed. More importantly, this modular system is reversible, which means that it can also be moved back by folding back to the unit box.

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