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Insulation and energy-saving technology light gauge steel structure to ensure the thermal insulation effect, the thermal insulation materials used in the outer wall and roof of the building can be used for a long time and can keep warm. Generally speaking, in addition to filling glass fiber mesh cloth between the wall columns of the building light steel structure house, a layer of insulation material is attached to the outside of the wall, which effectively cuts off the thermal bridge from the wall column to the external wall panel; joists between floors Fill glass fiber inside to reduce the heat transfer through the floors; all the inner wall walls are filled with glass fiber between the wall columns to reduce heat transfer between the walls.

Fire protection technology One of the most critical issues of light steel structure is the application of fire protection technology. The fire resistance rating of light steel structure residences is level 4. For light steel structure residential buildings, fire-resistant gypsum boards are pasted on both sides of the wall and the ceiling of the floor. For ordinary firewalls and household walls, 25.4 mm thick gypsum boards are used to achieve the 1-hour fire protection requirement. In addition, the wall The glass fiber filled between the columns and the floor joists also plays an active role in protecting fire and heat transfer.

Sound insulation technology The light steel structure is filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the floor joists, which effectively prevents the audio part transmitted through the air, and for the impact sound transmitted through the solid body, the following structure treatments are used: for the partition wall The wall pillars constitute two walls with intermediate spaces; for the small keel used to fix the gypsum board for the suspended ceiling, an elastic structure with small cut grooves is used to effectively reduce the transmission of solid-borne sound between floors.

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