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Container houses have always been famous for being economical, practical and cost-effective. This is also one of the characteristics of its fame. So, where is the value of container house mainly reflected?

1. Where is the value of container house mainly reflected?

1. Container house is widely used

The current application range of container houses is very wide. Container houses are generally used as temporary buildings on site, or commercial buildings, such as cafes, hotels, etc. In foreign countries, there are also large-scale containerized communities.

No matter what purpose it is used, it is closely related to people. In the current construction industry environment, traditional houses have developed to the extreme, and their shortcomings are becoming more and more obvious.

2, container house environmental protection

At present, many cities have been paying more and more attention to the disposal of construction waste. In order to solve these problems, first-tier cities have introduced many policies.

For example, there is government approval: to encourage the use of container houses, secondary green modular applications, such as creative parks, commercial blocks, cultural tourism and homestays, etc., within their own red lines, do not disturb the people, and do not require approval.

3. Save construction time

The application of the container house saves construction time. As a modular building, 70% of the construction of the container house can be completed in the factory, which leads to the construction of the container house in a short time.

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